The animated feature film Pelle Svanslös exclusively premiered in Stockholm on the 12th of January 2020. 

Filmcomposer Magnus Strömberg composed and rearranged the music of the famous Swedish poet and musician Carl Michael Bellman for a live music theater piece with singer & actor Lars Hjertner and the wind ensemble Det Norske Blåseensemble from Norway. Together they performed 4 succesful shows in Norway and Sweden. 

Magnus at

Soundtrack Cologne

in 2018.


Young Magnus in the studio.

Magnus in the 1980s' newspaper for band Biscaya.

Magnus in cover album for 1980s band Camera.

2010s on Stage

Lone Star Retractor Live at Folkteatern, Göteborg, Sweden 21st of December 2013

Pär Edwardson -- Vocals

Björn Fryklund -- Drums Fredrik Lidin -- Guitar Lasse Lindberg -- Bass, Basspedals & Guitar Magnus Strömberg -- Keyboards

Music Recorded by Allan Anttila

Music Mixed by Johan Strömberg

Music Produced by Pär Edwardson

Video Recorded by Kalle Johansson, Jan Lundberg, Fredrik Lindau and David E Nilsson

Video Produced by Kalle Johansson

© 2020 by Magnus Strömberg Productions.