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Magnus Strömberg is a composer, musician, supervisor, and teacher. He did his first production as a film composer in 1981 for Swedish Television Network and has since then written hundreds of hours of music for film and television.


Besides from scoring to picture, Magnus teaches composition for visual media at universities in both Sweden and Norway. He is also an active member of international film music networks and attends international film- and film music festivals annually (Cologne, Nice, Krakow, etc.).


Magnus has his own studio located outside of Gothenburg, Sweden.

Swedish Film Composer


Today, Magnus Strömberg Productions compose for film and television as well as supervise new and young talent and is a key catalyser for the expansion and education of dramatic scoring. He also makes out a head role within the diverse, combined talents of FilmMusicSweden. 

Magnus' own words on scoring for visual media:

”To compose music and sound for visual media is a substantial field which requires qualified knowledge about music, film, drama, communication, technology, collective creative processes, semiotics, art- and culture theory and history, sociology, psychology, and methodology. To compose music is an art-work, a production of art, and a result of a collective creative process. It is also a craft in the sense that substantial craftsmanship is required to be able to produce something which is relevant for the storytelling of visual media. Music and sound in an audiovisual context is hence not intended to work outside the collective artistic process, the result of which is the audiovisual production".



Besides from scoring, Magnus teaches composition for motion picture among new talent at Högskolan i Lillehammer and at Gothenburg Univeristy. He is an active member within several different international film music networks.

Magnus' own words on the importance of teaching:

"Music, sound, and moving picture have in different ways been interwoven since at least the Greek drama at the opera, Wagner, and eventually, film, a development which has been defined by the innovation of technologies. There is clearly a very special power in this way of telling stories".


"Society places increasingly larger demands on knowledge within communication and artistic processes, where audio-visual expression in contemporary media have played a significant role. The knowledge of how information is communicated and how it affects our understanding of our surroundings, becomes completely central for the quality of the public conversation, and hence, for the strengthening of a democratic society".


Magnus started out as a keyboardist and has worked and toured with some of Sweden's biggest names during the 80s and 90s (Ratata, Ulf Lundell, Louise Hoffsten, etc.). During the 1980s he performed on some of the biggest stages in Europe and even won one of Europe's biggest music competitions with his brother in the mid-80s. He performed and was a jury member at the 1988 Rock SM Festival at Scandinavium alongside members of some of the world's biggest bands. Magnus turned to scoring music for television in the 80s and soon after expanded into film. 

Stating that the core of film scoring is the ability to perform complex dramatic analysis, Magnus has several years of experience in theatre productions as a producer and supervisor which has proven itself to be a contribution of massive importance in his later work in film composition.




 FILM MUSIC SWEDEN offers a complete solution for developing and producing a film score from beginning to end. Our focus is on cooperation with the director, producer and the film team in order to contribute creatively to the film making process.

With the latest production technology and with our network of professional musicians and symphony orchestras, we offer music of any genre with a customised budget that suits your needs. Choose all or any combination of services.


• supervision

• composition

• arranging

• orchestration

• producing

• recording

• mixing

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